Puzzle manufacturing enterprise in Latvia - ANIGMA


Anigma Ltd. is a small enterprise in Latvia, that offers different size puzzle manufacturing starting from 9 up to 756 pieces, as well as offers large format printing services.


Puzzles can be used as:


* Marketing tools / representing materials for enterprises and companies;

* Tourism souvenirs at Visitor's centers;

* Individual gifts for your dearest people;

* Original invitations and greeting cards;

* Developing toys for kids, used in schools, kindergartens etc.


Puzzles can be created with your own individual design and photo!


We offer to include your chosen photos, logos, slogans, contact information and all the other information you may need on the puzzles.

Our puzzle size variety is from 9 pieces (15 x 10,5 cm) to 756 pieces (42 x 90 cm).

Gallery of our previous work: here


Please contact us about cooperation possibilities. We are ready to export 

and be a partner to your company!


Anigma Ltd.,

6 Vitas street, Priekuli, LV-4126, 


Mob. +371 26117866

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